Apparently I am a monthly blogger now…

Apparently I am also a phone photo dumper blogger. Since my last post that was an update and lots of phone photos from about a month ago, I have had to pay for my website again for the next year, so I figure I better use it since I pay for it. Haha.



So E has finished a month at her school and is still doing well and liking it. It helps a lot to have a little friend there! Here is the picture we had taken for her for school. They basically ask for the equivalent of passport photos.  I thought she looked so pretty and grown up in it! She loves purple!



One day after we took her to school, we went over to the park and sidewalks by the water and went for a walk with little brother. It was a chilly day but nice to see the boats and the cats that hang out on the rocks by the water.



We went to the mall for lunch one Sunday after church and E and I had a little dessert. Frozen yogurt is a little lower in carbs than ice cream or custard so I shared one with her.(null)


We have gotten to see baby #3 a few times lately. He is doing well. Measuring at 6 lbs 10 oz as of 34 weeks, according to the ultrasound machine. Which isn’t huge but isn’t small either. Both my other kids were about 8 lbs 12 oz. Thankfully, my amniotic fluid level has gone down since controlling my gestational diabetes through diet (it was too high) and I have also lost about 7 lbs. so that is good.



Cutie tootie likes to eat yogurt with corn flakes in it. But he makes a huge mess! Sometimes mommy doesn’t have the patience for that and just feeds it to him herself. But sometimes he gets to play. And then he gets a bath.



We had planned to celebrate Easter with some foreigner friends in a big forest like last year, but some people thought the weather might be too chilly, so it got moved to the indoor location, which was our house! We didn’t mind hosting since everyone was bringing everything, they just needed our space. But it was a busy day, and at the end, after everyone had gone home, I started looking at Facebook and realized I didn’t get anyone to take  a picture of our whole family. C and I had already changed into comfy clothes. So I got a pic of the kids. T likes smiling for the camera these days. He likes eating pears too. He actually likes to get food and walk around the house eating it, but I really need to stop letting him do that because I find apple peelings that he didn’t eat laying around!


Some of the moms and I walked all the kids over to a nearby park for an egg hunt after lunch since we weren’t in the forest all day. E spied an egg up high.



E was excited about her school outfit this day and wanted a picture of her Elsa shirt and Elsa socks.



On Wednesday last week I had a doctors appointment. She has two offices, one near our old apartment, and one that is more on this side of town but still takes 40 minutes or so to get there. Well I drove to the one on this side of town, only to find out that she was not there that day, she was at the other office! Gah! Also, the store I tried to go to that was nearby closed down last week! Double Gah! So I had to reschedule my appt for Friday and this little guy came with me. He did well and sat in his stroller and ate apples during the appointment. I treated us by going out to lunch afterwards. #selfieinanelevator


He was excited to get a balloon all to himself. Usually sister gets the balloons.


Happy First Birthday to T!

October 10 was T’s first birthday! We had been back in the country for about a week and tried to figure out how to celebrate at a time when none of us were sleeping all that well yet, we were freshly missing family and friends back home,  and Mommy was coming down with a cold.

We started out with breakfast at home!


Then we went to a big baby store in town that has a little play area for kids. We were going to buy T’s presents and let the kids play a bit.

bday1 bday2

Then we headed to lunch at Shake Shack. (Mommy will look for any reason to go here!) But seriously, I figured since T had been eating hamburger meat so well lately, he would enjoy eating an extra hamburger patty from my burger and some fries. (No, we didn’t go to ChickFilA, that is just one of their place mats that I had in my diaper bag.) Turned out he wasn’t interested in the hamburger so mommy got to eat a double, and he just had fries. bday3

Family pic before nap time!

IMG_6480 IMG_6482

After naps, we ordered KFC for dinner. Mommy didn’t want to cook today and T wanted chicken nuggets!


After dinner, we had him open presents and we also talked on the phone with Nena and Pappaw. Big sister helped with the wrapping paper!


He got a little barn with door that opens, a walking toy, and a toy garbage truck.

IMG_6499 IMG_6507

Now for the cake!

I think he is crying because he wants to hurry up and eat it. Or because he has no clothes on. :)


He did like the cake, but he didn’t devour mommy’s homemade cake as much as he did the bakery cake a few weeks prior.

T is a happy smiley sweet huggy little boy and we love him so! Happy 1 year T!

Baylor’s New Stadium

A long time ago, I realized from the Baylor alumni emails that go out, that we would actually be in Texas when the new stadium opened. I thought it would be awesome to get to go to the first game! Well, alas, it proved difficult for us to find tickets to that game, so we bought tickets to the game the next weekend. We bought two tickets, I should say. While I felt a little bad depriving my kids of the game day experience, I figured I would enjoy the experience a bit more sans offspring. So my parents happily agreed to keep the kids while we went. And T cooperated by learning to take a bottle before then.


After a stop for lunch at Schmaltz’s (the best sandwich ever! Like Scholtzskys but better times a 1000!), we headed over to campus and our first stop was to visit the place where “our swing” used to be!


(Flashback to 2003)


Then we visited the Burleson Quad and the echoooooooo.


We got over to the stadium and found our brick.


And then headed inside the stadium, just in the nick of time, before the deluge began! The red cell hovered over the stadium and it rained a lot for about an hour.

Luckily we found some friends to hang out with.

We had tickets in the front row of third section, but the view from there was actually really good. After halftime, we moved down to the second section and sat with some friends who had empty seats beside them. Then in the last quarter, we moved down to the first section and sat with some other friends who had empty seats beside them.


It was a great game and so much fun to see the new stadium!

Taking the kids to Waco

Waco holds a special place in our hearts. C lived there some growing up and after high school, and we both lived there in college, and I taught there one year after college. There are sights to see, people to visit with, and places to eat. Some of our favorite “hole-in-the-wall” places are in that town.

We headed up for the day of the first football game in the new stadium. We had tried to get tickets but couldn’t. I still thought it would be fun to be in town for the “atmosphere” of the first game.

We got into town about 2 pm on game day (the game didn’t start til 6 pm). We parked and walked over to the stadium area and man, was it hot! We found the tailgate of our church we attended in college, visited with a few people and then walked towards the stadium. The crowds were getting heaver and we were hot so we left after that. We got Bush’s to-go (our favorite chicken place) and headed to Papa Steve’s to watch the game in air conditioned comfort while the children went to bed early! That’s the way to do it, I tell ya!



I was glad to see the festivities, and knew we would be back the next weekend with actual tickets!


We stayed with “Papa Steve” as everyone calls him. We sure missed Gigi Jan!





Papa Steve made his famous fajitas on Memorial Day and had his kids over and some other friends. These two sweet girls are born just a few weeks apart and have almost identical names. IMG_6302

I guess her momma and I have pretty good taste in names. :)

IMG_6306 These two are up to something…

The next morning we headed over to campus to see the sights. We showed the kids the tree and place where the swing used to be where we got engaged, the SUB, the Bear Pit, and visited one of my old professors in the new building for the School of Ed.


Then we headed to Vitek’s, for a “Gut Pack”, which starts with fritos and then is topped with sliced sausage, followed by pickles, onions, jalapenos, shredded cheese, chopped beef, beans and barbecue sauce. Yum. (Although I don’t get the pickles, onions or jalapeños.)

IMG_6257 IMG_6255

The last day in town, we visited with these guys. Sweet friends who have kiddoes very close in ages to ours. The girls had a blast playing and the boys and fun sharing cheerios.

Thanks for a good trip Waco!

Railroad Museum

On one of the days of our beach trip, we headed into town to check out some of the local attractions, including the Railroad Museum.


It was so hot outside looking at train cars, so these two waited inside and snacked.


I liked the inside of this mail car. But then I do really like mail.IMG_6121

My dad was a railroad engineer for 40+ years. He worked for Union Pacific at the end, so this is like trains he has driven. I’m glad E got to see these with Pappaw.


Sitting in the caboose.


Beach Part 2

Most of the time at our beach house trip was spent with my parents and C’s mom.

Nothin like a little morning snack with your cartoons.


Everybody playing spades.


C had a drawing lesson from his mom who is an artist.


Gigi brought a little mini birthday party for E.

My lovely momma!


Here you can see the wall of sea weed!


The artists


Doing a little 3D beach painting with sand.

IMG_6222 IMG_4188

By this day, the seaweed wasn’t so bad.


Here is a picture of the house we rented. It was only a block or so away from the water.


Hats are required!

IMG_4091 IMG_4062

Texas is so muggy our cameras kept fogging up when we would go outside.

IMG_4065 IMG_4080


On the last day, my dad took E fishing, and she caught something!


And at 11 am on the way home, this is what happened. So tired from a week at the beach. Mom was just about this tired too!

Beach Part 1

We planned a week at the beach for our “vacation” time while we were in the states. We invited a few folks to come down for a day or two of it and had our families come the rest of the time.

IMG_6218 IMG_6217 IMG_6208 IMG_6206 IMG_6211

This little guy seemed to like his first beach experience.

IMG_6214 IMG_6210

The seaweed was crazy! The guys dug a path through it to the water one day. On other days, it seemed to not be so bad and we could walk in the water’s edge a little more.

IMG_6204 IMG_6203

The house had four bedrooms and a great porch.


We had lots of fun, even if beach time with little ones can be a lot of work!

E turns 4

E has an August birthday so that meant she got to celebrate in America this year.


The night before, she helped making her own strawberry cupcakes.

Here the birthday girl is on her big day!


Nena also brought over more cupcakes for breakfast!


Cupcakes for breakfast!


Then it was present time.


Money is always a hit!


After that, we took her to the children’s museum. She really enjoyed it!

IMG_6018Of course Daddy found the magnets. His favorite.


Later, after Chick-fil-A for lunch, and a nap, we headed over to some friend’s neighborhood park and pool for pizza and more cupcakes and swimming.

Best buds!


A rare pic of me and the hubs.


Not only are they strawberry, but they have sprinkles and princess toppers!

Then pool time!

IMG_6258Later on in the month, this big 4 year old became big enough to go to big church. She did great!

E, I can’t believe you are already 4! You are such a precious and smart and sweet big girl! We love you lots!

Roomie Visit and Frozen Movie Night

My college roommate Erin was planning to be in town for a week in August and we were so glad to get a chance to hang out!


Here the two little brothers are surely plotting something.


Our church hosted a movie night while they were here. Before movie night, we had to head to Chick-fil-A of course.


The movie was Frozen, which E had never seen but has a book of, and just that was enough for her to be obsessed with it. We decided to let her see it for the first time. (She did say it was a little loud and scary. But she still loves it.)


This sweet girl lent E her Elsa costume since she was going to wear her Anna costume. I think that with the girls’ hair colors, it was the perfect costume for each of them.


Movie nights are right up Erin’s family’s alley. She even made her son a Sven costume on the fly.


Here are the mommas.


And here are all the babies.

We had a great visit!