Whose blog is this anyway?


Hi there. My name is T. (I am a bit of a security nut so I just use first initials around here.)

Here is a little bit about me. I grew up with a wonderful family in a small town in Texas.

I went off to college where I had lots of fun, learned how to “Sic Em Bears”, met the love of my life (C), and studied to be a teacher. I started this blog back in 2005 right before college graduation.

After college, I spent 5 years teaching middle school math in three different places in Texas.  (That’s where all the “Are you smarter than a sixth grader?” posts come from.)

In August of 2010, I gave birth to a precious little daughter E. I quit teaching school to be her mommy as a full time job.What an answer to prayer it was to be able to do that!

In June of 2012, we moved to another country! Crazy! Now we live overseas and are having a cross-cultural adventure!

In October of 2013, I gave birth to a precious son  T. I usually call him Baby T so there is no confusion about which T I am talking about!

In May of 2015, I gave birth to sweet son B.


This blog is mainly a place for me to write thoughts, share things I like or have found helpful, record memories and photos, and let the family and friends back home keep up with us.

The blog name comes from a couple of places. No, I don’t grow, nor do I actually harvest tulips. Tulips are my favorite flower (although I agree that daisies are the friendliest flower) and when you get those little name bookmark card thingies, they all say my name means “harvester”. Tulips also happen to be a very important flower to the country I now call home, although in 2005 when I named this blog, I would not have known that would happen,  I bet Someone else did.

May you enjoy keeping up with our family or be encouraged by the things I write and share, according to whatever your purpose might be for stopping by. Please feel free to blog stalk or comment and join the conversation. Thanks for visiting!

You can email me at tinkerbelle2383 at yahoo dot com.


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