B at 7.5 months


I can’t believe B is 7.5 months old! He is a sweetie. Here are something things about him:

  • He can crawl and started crawling two days after his 6 month birthday. He has always liked being on his tummy. Put him on his back, and he would roll to his tummy. He rolled over first from back to tummy at 2 months which is early.IMG_8972
  • However he can’t sit. In fact, he does not want to sit. He arches that back and turns over to his tummy to crawl.
  • He has also started pulling up to standing on things. Often he lets go and bonks his head!
  • He is strong! He is determined! Opinions…he has them!IMG_8330
  • He is our only thumb sucker, but he will take a pacifier too.
  • IMG_8363
  • He has very expressive eyebrows!
  • He is not a big fan of purees but seems to like “real” food better. I finally found a puree he likes this week, plums! Otherwise, he likes bananas, shredded cheese, puffs, and mixed vegetables. IMG_9093
  • I think he wants to do whatever his big sister and big brother are doing. He follows them around and crawls on top of them. IMG_9107
  • He is a smiler! Whenever someone gets in his face and talks to them, he rewards them with a big smile.   IMG_9138
  • He is not a fan of his carseat.
  • He goes down for naps pretty easily with just a pacifier and sound machine and a quick hum before being put in bed awake. IMG_0389
  • He still wakes several times a night to eat. From months 2-4 he would sleep through the night but then he started waking again. IMG_0402
  • B, you are so precious and we love you so!!!

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