T at 18 months


(I started this post a long time ago! He is now 20 months!)

On April 10, T turned 18 months old. Here is some of what he is like at this age:


  • He is a good eater, if it is something he likes (I keep trying but he refuses eggs and pasta every time). His favorites include fish crackers, pretzels, apples, pears, cheese, apricots, beans, green peas, french fries, yogurt, Daddy’s pide, and ice cream cones.  This boy wakes up signing “more” for more food. He carries a snack cup around with him all day.IMG_7164.JPG
  • Though he signs more, all done, and please, he is still only really saying mama and dada. And sometimes it seems like Mama means less of my name and more “someone help me!”. Sometimes if he is playing with a toy and he gets frustrated because it won’t cooperate, you can hear him saying “mamamamamamamamama” at it. He has said ball and bubble a time or two. He makes sounds for a cow, dog, and cat and makes a smacky sound with his lips for a fish. He is a world class grunter. You can manage to figure out what he wants with his pointing and grunting. And then if you say what you think it is he wants and you are right, he nods his head and says “uh!”.
  • He waves bye bye and blows kisses well. He tries to jump and it is hilarious. He likes to throw balls. He has a funny way of gasping and chunking things straight upwards over his head.IMG_7105.JPG
  • He thinks his big sister is the greatest and he tries to do whatever she is doing.
  • He moved into share a room with his big sister around the time he turned 18 months. It was rough going for about a week while he got used to being in a different space, but he finally settled in and I think he likes to know she is over there.IMG_7179.JPG
  • He dropped the morning nap but still takes a champion afternoon nap.
  • He drinks a sippy cup of milk before his nap and bedtime. He has pictures of his family in his room near his bed and he likes to tell them all night night before he goes to bed.IMG_7128.JPG
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse seems to be his favorite show that he watches with E. He has finally started being able to build with duplos and not just tear them up. His favorite books are Brown Bear, Little Quack’s Opposites, a Little People Farm book, and Dora Counts.IMG_7178.JPG
  • He knows parts of the body like eyes, ears, nose, hair, mouth, tongue, teeth, toes, hands, tummy. He likes to do the movements in the “Shake a Leg” Sesame Street book.IMG_7095.JPG
  • T is such a smart boy and understands everything you tell him. We are just waiting for the day when he has lots to tell us back! He has a great smile and sense of humor. You can see the sparkle in his eyes when he is about to be silly and knows he is funny. IMG_7152.JPG
  • T, you are such a sweet boy and we love you so!

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